At Tactical Services, we provide the service of process for a variety of clients throughout the entire state of Illinois, but primarily within Bloomington, Normal, Decatur, Champaign, Urbana, Peoria, and Springfield, IL. We have agents throughout Central Illinois to provide the best possible coverage at a reasonable price. If you need service anywhere else in the State of Illinois, we have strategic relationships with other Private Detectives and Process Servers to meet your Process Service needs anywhere within the State of Illinois.

Private Detective

Our office is run by an IL Licensed Private Detective with many years of experience to ensure that your papers are served as required by law.

Large Coverage Area

Our immediate local coverage area includes a vast majority of central Illinois.  We can also provide nationwide coverage with our network of process servers.

Quick Response

In a RUSH?  No problem!  Our standard service is typically faster than others’ rush service.  We also offer RUSH and SAME DAY service at affordable rates.

Difficult Serves

We get it…some people are hard to serve.  Some neighborhoods are just plain dangerous.  That doesn’t deter us.  We will never turn down papers because the job is too difficult.

Tech Savvy

With the service platform we utilize to track attempts and serves, you’ll always be able to see the status of your papers from anywhere in the world, all at no extra cost to you!

FREE Pickup/Delivery

We offer FREE pickup of papers and hand delivery of  Proof of Service within our local coverage area.

Private Process Service Done Right

Tactical Services has been serving papers for a long time.  We have seen competitors come and go and we have seen clients come and go.  The one thing that has remained is our commitment to doing the job properly.  It boils down to the experience needed to do the job and the integrity to get it done right.  

We are Leaders

There is a reason why other process service companies from all over the country use Tactical Services to serve their papers. To find out why…  CONTACT US 


Tactical Services is a full service, licensed private detective agency that has been conducting professional investigations and surveillance in Central Illinois for more than a decade. Our team consists of highly skilled, highly trained professional investigators. All of our investigators are specialists who possess the highest training, expertise, ethical standards, and professional backgrounds who have been in the field for years. We combine the latest state of the art technology and training with old school investigative techniques to ensure accurate and complete results.

Private Investigations

Tactical Services has been doing private investigations in Illinois for more than a decade now.  We do everything from boring surveillance for days on end to exciting criminal investigations that make a difference in peoples’ lives all over the country.  Let us help you if you need any kind of investigation services.

Truth Seekers

Our main objective is to discover the truth.  It is what it is, but we’ll help you discover it.


Whether you need personal protection, executive protection or general protection for a party or special event, Tactical Services has you covered.

Personal Protection

We all love to go about our lives feeling free from danger, but occasionally situations arise that make this impossible. Worrying about your personal security, or that of your loved ones, can cause a great deal of stress. Set your worries aside and let us help.  Tactical Services can provide personal protection at very reasonable rates.

Executive Protection

Tactical Services can provide you with unobtrusive executive protection while at work, home or during travel.

Parties & Special Events

If you’re hosting or attending a party or special event and need private security or bodyguard protection, we’ve got your back.


  • We use Steven at Tactical Services whenever we need papers served in our trailer park. Honestly, this can be a difficult thing to do and Steven has never let us down.

    Owner, Country Lane Mobile Home Park
  • We would be lost without Tactical Services! I can’t count how many times Steven has saved a case for us, even when we’ve given him nothing more than the Defendant’s name and last known address.

    Jennifer Gordon

Our Local Coverage Area